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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Memories from the first show

I thought I should write something about the first show and continue writing little blurbs about each show as they happen. It's been almost 2 weeks so I'll do my best to remember everything that happened. First of all, the first of the series was a wonderful success. Everyone who came enjoyed themselves and every performer was eager to perform again at the next show.

Here is a breakdown of the performances that took place:

Ed Matthews on keyboards with Derek Brooks on hand drums

Derek Brooks did a solo improvised performance on keyboard starting and ending with a preconceived composition

Peter Thompson played Rebirth using an old-school apple laptop and Cailen Dye played with Jasuto on an iPod Touch

Patrick Cahill did a 3 part solo performance on a classical guitar missing 2 strings

Ian Doig played guitar with Jeremy Ive on drums

Jason Bellchamber played ANDROID FX on an iPad with Peter Thompson on Rebirth once again

The sound art/noise group from Winnipeg who happened to be in London at the time did an interesting performance with an arsenal of homemade instruments and a no-input mixer setup

The rest is a blur for me. If anyone else can remember let me know!

Next time I'll try and make a write up more immediately after the show and hopefully we'll have some audio/video documentation.

All in all this was a great start for the series. Thanks to all who participated and we hope to see you at the next show!


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  1. Around midnight, Ian Doig played guitar, Derek Brooks played drums and Cailen played the accordion to slow ambient rhythm and melodies. A fellow playing the hand drum, took over the drums and Cailen switched to bass, for some more improvisational music. I only remember this because it was my first time drumming with fellow musicians. And I am now addicted.