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Saturday, May 14, 2011

art party 2

art party 2, a set on Flickr.

Live picture feed from art party 2 at forest city gallery.

Monday, May 2, 2011

April 30th HSST Poster Campaign


hsst poster campaign, a set on Flickr.

"posters without borders"

recap of April 9th show by Mahmud

This is a recap of the April 9th show written by Mahmud Naqi:

Last Saturday, local noise makers ‘Indigenous Nudes’ and the mad men from
‘Dyslexik’ with their side project ‘Staph’ tore it up in the basement of
London’s Marigold Studios as part of ‘Hide and Seek Show and Tell’ the
ongoing original music and art event series.

It was a swell time.

Full disclosure, I helped out a bit with the Nudes set- I provided the
visuals and the audio from films was fiddled with by Nick from
Indigenous Nudes. Nick at some point let me fiddle some of the peddles,
which is cool, but I didn’t really get the hang of it and I felt kind of shy. So I'm a bit biased.

The Nudes are blessed with a weird mixture of talent and luck that they
manage to channel into these interesting and often quite pleasant
feeling soundscapes. I don’t understand why what they are doing turns
out well, because as far as I can they make the shit up as they go
along. They compliment each other quite well, while neither of them are
going to be making pop albums anytime soon, the sense I get is that
Colin is the one who tends towards the more harsh noise with screamed
vocals, where as Nick is more drone influenced and prefers the sound of
feedback. When they mix, it is some napalm like shit and will melt your
face off. This show was one of their more atmospheric and had this great creepy vibe.

Staph was like rolling around in a field of broken glass. These guys
knew how to crush skulls with pure sound. By comparison, the Nudes
seemed like Brian Eno. It was intense, room shaking noise. The set
started off insanely loud and managed (somehow) to get even louder. This
is music that taps into the stupid grin you get when you set fireworks
off because loud noises are fucking awesome. The best way to describe
the set was a rhythmic build up of feedback into something monstrous,
intense and terrifying.

Thanks to Hide and Seek for a killer show!

Mahmud Naqi