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Friday, August 20, 2010

August 26th

Thursday August 26th will be the date for the next Hide and Seek Show and Tell!

Friday, August 13, 2010

SHOW #2 in Review

As promised, I'm writing this entry the very day after. I still have a buzz in my ears from all the loud noises.

OK here's what happened (I might have some of the performance times or the order of performers screwed up, let me know if you can remember):

The show had a late start due to some technical difficulties but no one seemed to mind, the weather was completely perfect for a night out on the patio.

Cailen Dye started things off with a short improv performance on classical guitar, droning strings, feedback etc.

Ed Matthews did an improv performance with an AKAI MPC and a Korg Kaoscillator

Next, SHRIMPS performed what they called "their last show". I hope it's a dirty lie because everyone <3's them.

After SHRIMPS was an on the spot improv collaboration with Peter Thomas - Rebirth and Kaos Pad, Keven Wilson - Drums, Nathan Noble - Micro Korg and Cailen Dye - Bass guitar

Tim Glasgow treated us to a performance with the PRATINSANITY, an instrument he designed and Art Pratton built. What looked almost like an acoustic instrument was an electric sound weapon in disguise.

Next up was a performance by Jeremy Ive on drums, Ian Doig-Phaneuf on guitar and Pete Lebel on bass.

Indigenous Nudes played next and contrary to their name, they were fully clothed. Nicholas Harrison played sax and some boxes with knobs while Colin Heddle had a radio alarm clock and a bunch of noise boxes too.

This is where things got out of hand. With no audience left to keep things under control, all remaining musicians were consumed by alcohol and the "MEGA JAM". Kevin Wilson on drums, Michael Ramey and Pete Lebel on guitar, Ian Doig-Phaneuf on bass, Nathan Noble on Micro Korg, and Cailen Dye singing lyrics from his favorite screamo songs.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2nd Show Coming August 12th

Thursday August 12th marks the date of the 2nd show of the series. I'm very excited to see what happens this time! Please take some pictures and videos if you can!!!

Poster design by Peter Thompson

Memories from the first show

I thought I should write something about the first show and continue writing little blurbs about each show as they happen. It's been almost 2 weeks so I'll do my best to remember everything that happened. First of all, the first of the series was a wonderful success. Everyone who came enjoyed themselves and every performer was eager to perform again at the next show.

Here is a breakdown of the performances that took place:

Ed Matthews on keyboards with Derek Brooks on hand drums

Derek Brooks did a solo improvised performance on keyboard starting and ending with a preconceived composition

Peter Thompson played Rebirth using an old-school apple laptop and Cailen Dye played with Jasuto on an iPod Touch

Patrick Cahill did a 3 part solo performance on a classical guitar missing 2 strings

Ian Doig played guitar with Jeremy Ive on drums

Jason Bellchamber played ANDROID FX on an iPad with Peter Thompson on Rebirth once again

The sound art/noise group from Winnipeg who happened to be in London at the time did an interesting performance with an arsenal of homemade instruments and a no-input mixer setup

The rest is a blur for me. If anyone else can remember let me know!

Next time I'll try and make a write up more immediately after the show and hopefully we'll have some audio/video documentation.

All in all this was a great start for the series. Thanks to all who participated and we hope to see you at the next show!