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Friday, November 26, 2010

nov 25th recap

Last night was a great success, a lot of new faces and different styles of music and performances!

We had a good sized audience and no shortage of performers by 9PM so the show got started right away (as it should be!) Here's a run down of the nights events as I can remember them and with what little information I have from the performers..

Pete Lebel started things off with a cascade of guitar pedals feeding back onto themselves played in stereo through two guitar amps. His drones were deep and long.
Pete's plays in the band EXIT 2012

"John and this is Snacks" played next. He had a short instrumental acoustic guitar piece.

Now for the noise. Disleksick take the stage!
This group features two guys wearing ski masks providing SONIC TERROR.. one torturing an electric guitar with a wrench and screw drivers and the other one playing chicken wire connected to a contact mic. Their performance held a constant threat of something breaking.
Disleksick's Myspace

Next up was Kevin. He stood on two chairs and wore sunglasses with a hoodie. He played acoustic guitar and sang 3 songs he wrote.

Dylan MacKinnon played a new gameboy composition for us.
More music by Dylan MacKinnon.

Christopher Oegema played three of his songs. One of my favorites was Love is a Movement. Chris uses the acoustic guitar for everything in this track including percussion and vocals.
Chris's Myspace

Link C played a secret new track he made and then he disappeared into the night..
The Babysitters on Myspace

Shale performed next. Shale is a guitar duo featuring Casey and Justin. I really liked their performance, it was minimal and ambient but then also abrasive at times. We may have a recording to link to in the near future.. Here is a recording of one of their other performances:
We Fear Mogwai by Skennen

Indigenous Nudes
were next. This is collaboration between Nicholas and Colin. They were jamming mics into amps, feeding guitar petals and mixers back into themselves.. For some reason I kept looking at this 10 or 12 channel tapco mixer Nicholas had. It's a mixer most starting out home studio owners might have as the "heart" of their studio. I'm sure the specs on the side of the box read with descriptions of sounds that are "pure", "clean", and of a "professional quality" etc.. But then here we are at hide and seek show and tell where we find it sitting on the floor hooked up to a bunch of pedals and being used and abused like all the pots and pans. It was almost like a perfect anti-commercial for a mixer like that. I'm sure they have a lot of examples for ways you can use it but I bet this isn't one of them!

Here's a video of one of their previous performances:

And last but not least there was Braintrust consisting of Peter Thompson and James Kirkpatrick. Peter used a theramine and James had some home-made circuit bent stuff and a big-ass loop pedal. They played for a bit and then Tim Glasgow (exit 2012) joined along with his Korg Monotron.

Checkout some braintrust:

Thanks to everyone who participated!


November 25th 2010 poster

Poster design by Peter Thompson
More of Peter's art can be found HERE.